I am an eco-artist currently living and working in Buffalo, NY.

My pronouns are they/them/their.



artist statement

Every living thing is a body of carbon; each a different shape, but all fragile and eager to grow. Pausing and considering another life's existence concurrent with my own becomes a moment of sublime wonder. Soon we will both be gone. In anxious times, I am trying to remember and hold on to the lightness and grace shown to me by my nonhuman neighbors.

I exist as part of an ecological community. By that virtue I have a responsibility to familiarize myself with my landscape, care for it, and try to understand how I relate to other beings. My creative practice is mostly informed by my location, which has in the past year meant the Canacadea valley, the central Adirondack mountains, and the greater Buffalo area. Reflecting on the ecology of a place in my material and content choices is a way of recognizing and honoring my ongoing relationship with that environment.

Papermaking and bookmaking have become focal processes in my art practice. Paper has always been a vessel for transmitting information and the substrate itself can hold meaning as well. When decomposing plant matter is transformed into a blank sheet there is a new surface open for possibility, and the quality of the original material is still present. Books and other multiples are designed for reproduction and dispersal, but experiencing them is intimate and ripe for emotional communion.

I strive to make work that encourages curiosity toward the living system one is a part of and evokes collective responsibility to care for it. Each piece I create is a distilled aura of thought or experience, always circling back to awe at the miracle that life goes on.

(January 2018)