Migration is Beautiful

gathering support for immigrant & refugee advocacy organizations

In this time of escalating violence against marginalized people in the US, it is so important for those of us who are not directly affected to support those who are with our money, our time, our resources, and our voices.

The Monarch has become a symbol of the immigrant rights movement, of the right of all beings to migrate in order to survive and thrive, so I am distributing the Monarch prints from my piece “kaleidoscope” to benefit organizations that are working on behalf of refugees and immigrants in my local community.

Here is how you can support this work and get one of these butterfly prints as well:

1. Please donate at least $5 to Justice for Migrant Families, Alianza Agrícola, or Rochester Rapid Response Network.

2. Send the confirmation to me along with your mailing address, and I will send you a butterfly!
(You can email me at epercy95@gmail.com or DM me through Instagram of Facebook.)

The butterflies are inkjet prints on handmade milkweed/gampi paper. Each one is an uneven shape but roughly 5" x 2.5", the same size as the actual insect. They'll be numbered and signed on the back. This will be ongoing until they are gone! Please consider supporting this cause!

#AbolishICE #NoOneIsIllegalOnStolenLand #MigrationIsBeautiful