Here are some folks who are my friends, teachers, collaborators, and comrades. Please support their work!

Erica Allen-Lubman / Boy Jr.

D. Chase Angier / Angier Performance Works

Owen Aptekar-Cassels

Nathaniel Atkinson

Reb Ayse

Obsidian Bellis / Maybe Heaven

Benjamin Berry

Charlie Best

Cassandra Bull

Stacia Carola

Stephen Chapman

Claire Conley

Diane Cox / nevermoor farm

Debra Eck

Sophia Eichholz

Erin Ethridge / Colleen Foley / Thorn Collaborative

Christin Farina

Mandela Franciscono

Sydni Gause

Ben Gazsi

Kyrie Gentilcore

Tim Gonchoroff

Chad Grohman

Kristin Grohman / Reciprocal Roots

Rebecca Hahn

Katie Hargrave

Paris Henderson

Brett Hunter

Caitey Jencks

Olivia Juárez

Erin Kearney

Michelle Kwiecien

Tabia Lewis

Moody Marinaro

Rubina Martini / Tomorrow River Homestead

Reed McLean

Carly Moldow

Madison Moore

Ripley Nichols

Jaz Palermo

Austin Peer / Dr. Doppler

Heather Radford

Aryanah Rivera

Jimmy Scamacca

Ryan Smith

Michael Stevenson Jr. 

Sarah Sorci / Sweet Flag Herbs

Olivia Tani

Tina Panic Noise

Gavin Tougher / from Pith to Bark

Lindsay Tripp

Olga Tzogas / Smugtown Mushrooms

Nicole Vescio / Svanur

Max Weiss / Welks Mice

Lisa Wolfgang

Adirondack Interpretive Center

Alfred Box of Books Library

Antiquated Future

Arts Council of the Southern Finger Lakes

Burning Books

Concerned Citizens of Allegany County

D.O.P.E. Collective

Fern Croft Floral

Grassroots Gardens

Gutter Pop Comics

Herbalists Without Borders

Hornell Community Arts Center

Living Acres Farm

New Moon Mycology Summit

Queen City Socialists Solidarity Network

Red Hook Community Center Makerspace

Sugar City

Tri-County Arts Council (Cattaraugus, Allegany, & Chautauqua)

Western New York Book Art Center

The Yards